Saturday, February 28, 2009

ScribePost for February 27, 2009

Today in math class we did "Number of the Day" which was 7298.154.

Afterwards we had a test on algebra which consists of 30 questions. Our test had questions based on pages 398, 399, and 400.

A question from the test were:

Which expression represents four less than five times a number, where the number is represented by the letter n?
a) 4 - 5n b) 4n - 5 c) 5 - 4n d) 5n - 4

And the answer was d) 5n - 4

After we corrected the tests, Mr. Isfeld gave us a balancing act problem.

Here is a video I found about tips for studying.

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Carla772 said...

Great Job Ralph !
You explained everything very well. Nice link , picture and video !

Binesi7-72 said...

Great job Ralph! Nice video

Ronny 772 said...

I hate you ralph :P
Wasn't Gilby supposed to do the post?

Any way good links and the picture of the balancing act was also good. The video was good as well. When you said "A question from the test [u]were[/u]" Did you mean was?

Good use of colour.

althea7-72 said...

good job ralph!
your scribepost is explained everything so also out vedeo to make your scribepost better..nice job!

Telisa72 said...

good job you explained everything well and the video was interesting
the picture was good too.

Camille5 said...

great job ralph!! i liked how you put a video. Awesome job, CHEETOS. :D

Brendan772 said...

Sweet Scribepost Ralph !
The video and picture was awesome !

MaryJane772 said...

Great job Ralph! You explained everything so well and your links and videos were also great. Great use of colour and nice picture as well.

Anonymous said...


Elaine772 said...

Awesome job Ralph! I liked the video, link, and nice use of colour.

gilbert772 said...

Great job Ralph you explained everything very well. And great pictures and I like the video you put sorry I commented so late.

celdrickpetilla7-72 said...

Good job ralph you explained everything really well. Nice link cool video and nice pic..great use of colour none of them was hard to read....


kevin772 said...

good job

gilbert772 said...
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Ralph772 said...

Good Job me (:

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