Monday, March 9, 2009

Scribe Post for March 9, 2009

Today in math class we started off with the " The Number of the Day ", which was "7839.126". ( Remember it is homework everyday ) After the teacher told us to take notes.

The notes were on: More Probability

The teacher gave us two questions to solve, which were:

QUESTION: P( rolling a prime number ) with a regular die.
ANSWER: P ( rolling a prime number ) = favourable outcomes
possible outcomes
= 3/6
= 1/2 or 1:2 or 50%
don't forget to simplify it ---^
QUESTION: Find the probability of rolling two 6's in a row with a regular die.
ANSWER: P (rolling two 6's in a row) = favourable outcomes
possible outcomes

= 1/36 or 1:36 or 2.8%

To solve the question above you need to use the probability tree.

We also had to take down definitions:

Independent events : - the outcome of one event had no effect on the outcome of another event.
Sample space: - all possible outcomes of an experiment.
Tree diagram: - a diagram to organize outcomes
- contains a branch for each possible outcome of an event.

QUESTION: Probability of landing a coin on heads and rolling an odd number
ANSWER: 3/12
(simplify) 1/4 1:4 25% ( to find the answer you need to use a probability tree or a probability table.

For HOMEWORK we had to answer the question:
A) Trudy, Shana, Saira, Kendra, and Tracie are on team A. Jordan, Micheal, Terrance, Sean, and Suni are on team B. Use a diagram to show all the possible outcomes if the coach assigns each person on team B to defend against a player on team A.

B) Write the sample space.
I chose ERIC to do the next blog.


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