Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scribe Post for March 13, 2009

Today at school we started with the Number of the day. For those who were away the number is 2468.135. Remeber number of the day is ALWAYS homework!

1. Half of the number of the day is:
2. Write the number of the day in expanded form:
3. Write the number of the day in written form:
4. Round the number of the day to the nearest 100:
5. What number is in the tenths place:
6. The number of the day doubled is:
7. Write the number of the day in expanded notation:
8. Write a power using the number in the 100th place as the base and the number in the 10s place as the exponent:
9. Write the above power in factored form:
10. Cube the number in the ones place:
11. Square the number in the hundreds place:
12. Divide the number by 3.55 and round to the nearest hundredth:
13. The product of all the numbers in the number of the day is:
14. List all the prime numbers in number of the day:
15. Write the number of the day in scientific notation:
16. The whole number is divisible by (circle): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9
17. Combine the numbers in the 1s place and the 10s place respectively to make a two digit number and write the prime factors:
20. Write a fraction using the 1000s place as the denominator and the tenths place as the numerator:
21. Use any two numbers to make an improper fraction:
22. Use any of the numbers to make a mixed fraction:
23. Write the answer to number 22 as a decimal:
24. Draw a picture to represent the answer to number 22:
25. Write the answer to number 21 as a percent:

We also took notes on Still More Probability.

Random- an event in which every outcome has an equal chance of occuring.

Experimental probability- the probability of an event occuring based on experiment results.

Theoretical probability- the expected probability of an event occuring.

e.g. flipping a coin
Theoretical probability Experimental probability
5 heads, 5 tails heads 1,6, 5 tails 7, 4, 5
favourable over possible do the experiment

The larger or more trials in an experiment the closer experimental probability gets theoretical probability.

After that we took out our Maths links text book. We worked on page 180 and number 1 to 11.

Thank you for reading my scribepost.
I choose DEVIN to do the next blog.


Carla772 said...

Great Job Camille !
I liked how you put alot of color . Nice picture , links , and video. You did a great job!

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Nice job camile, good video, nice use of color, and good photos.

But I think teacher guy said devin will do the blog later

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good job camille!
i liked how you used alot of colors, links pictures and a video.
well good job again

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Good Job! I liked how you put lots of colour, pictures, links and videos. Good Job!

devin772 said...

good job camille you put color,video and picture.

MaryJane772 said...

Awesome job Camille ! I liked the colours, video, and the picture. I also liked how you explained everything we did in class so well. It was a great job.

gilbert772 said...

Good job Camille I like how you put lots of color links and you even put a video! Anyways good job again.

Anonymous said...

This was good, i liked the color.

Elaine772 said...

Awesome job Camille! I liked how you put everything that we did and I also liked the video. Sorry my comment was late.

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Good job

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Good Job Camille !
I like the colours ! nice picture and I like the video !

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