Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scribe Post for March 17,2009

Today in class the number of the day is 1936.295 so you all know that it's homework.

In math class we were taking notes about Area.
So for now I don't even know how to put drawings or pictures in the post so sorry guys.

Now I'm going to tell about area.

Area is the number of square units contained in a two dimensional region

Parallelogram - a four sided figure with opposite sides parallel and equal length

Base - A side of a two dimensional close figure
- common symbol is b

Height - the perpendicular distance from the base to the opposite sides.
- common symbol is h

- A line that meets another line at a right or 90 degree angle.

Those were the notes we have taken.

Here's a video about Volume (L x W x H) oh and if the link ain't working then press ctrl + left click

I choose Alex to be the next scribe post


Ronny 772 said...

Nice job kenneth, you used good colors

Woot first posta!

devin72 said...

good job kenny could have put a video in there but good job

althea772 said...

good job!
but i think you should add the pictures that we did like the parellelogram and the others...and i think you should add colors and video to make you blog more awesome..

Carla772 said...

great job kenneth ,
you used great color and link. but u should put a video or picture to make it more interesting.

althea772 said...

oh nevermind..you add colors

devin72 said...

nevermined u had a video good job

Camille5 said...

great job kenneth! you could've put pictures and videos and the pictures we drew in the notes but overall it was still good. :D

Anonymous said...

very colorful, nice job.

Ralph772 said...

Good job! I liked how you put lots of colours! Good Job!

Elaine772 said...

Great job Kenneth! I liked how you put lots of colour. Why was your video on volume if we're doing area?

Jennifer72 said...

Great Job kenneth ! (:

MaryJane772 said...

Great job Kenneth! I like the colours. Great job!

Telisa72 said...

Good job

Alex7-72 said...

Nice job Kenneth! I like the colors but you could have added a video

Stephanie772 said...

Good job Kenneth , I like how you used alot of colour !

Jasmine772 said...

Good job !

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