Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scribe Post for March 23, 2009

Yesterday in class, we started off with "Number of the Day". The number of the day was 8756.934. Then we took some notes on perpendicular bisector and angle bisector.

Here are the notes:

Bisect: -Bi means "two"

-sect means "cut"

-so bisect means to cut in two

Perpendicular Bisector

A line that divides a line segment in half and is at right angles to it


How can you create or draw a perpendicular bisector?

1. Free hand, o.k. but not perfect

2. Protractor gets us 9o degree angle

-Ruler cuts line in half


3. Use a compass and create arcs

a) Open compass to greater than half the distance of line

b) Place compass on point A, draw an arc

c) Place compass on point B, draw an arc

d) Use a ruler to connect the intersections of the arcs that line is a perpendicular bisector


Angle: the figure formed by two lines with a common endpoint called a vertex


Acute angle: less than 90 degrees


Obtuse angle: more than 90 degrees

- less than 180 degrees


Angle bisector: the line that divides an angle into two equal parts


How do we make an angle bisector?

1. Free hand not perfect not accurate enough

2. Protractor


3. Compass


a) Arc from vertex

b) Arc from point S (intersection of line and arc)

c) Arc from point T (intersection of line and arc)

d) Line from arc intersections to vertex that is your angle bisector

After taking down all the notes, we worked on page 116-121 (Math Links)

I pick Telissa to do the next scribepost


devin772 said...

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