Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scribe Post for January 20, 2009

In class today we learnt from our abusive math teacher (Do'nt hurt me) He decided to let someone not so abusive teach us named Mr.Piliske .Mr.Piliske taugh us today to play a game in this game everyone has a card . On that card there was either a equivalent fraction , Percent, Improper Fraction, or a Picture Representation.


I have two and a half 2 1/2. Who has an picture representation of one third ?
I have one third who has Equivalent fraction of 0.25? I have 1/4 .Ext....

After that our abusive teacher assigned us to do some textbook work on page 437 starting at number one going on to whatever number we could possibley get to before the class was over.

Here are all of the questions on page 437 :

1)In you words explain what a range and a outlier is?
Your Answer Here!

2)How can you determine the smallest value in a data set if you are given the range and the largest value? Use an Example to explain your response.
Your Answer Here!

3)What is the range forthe data set of:

4)Determine the range of each set of data:

5) Leanne timed how long she could hold her breathe under water.She recorded the following timings,in seconds:47,55,42,65,61
What is the Range of the data set above

6)What value(s)appear to be outliers in each data set:

7)Identify any possible outliers in each set of data

and the next person to do the Scribe post will be....... Aldrine(Muahahaha):P


Binesi7-72 said...

You had some spelling mistakes, other than that it was good. Nice job!

althea7-72 said...

good job taylor!you explained what we did yesterday really well.one more thing, you need to check your spelling because some of it is wrong.well done!

Mr. Isfeld said...

Nicely done. Try finding a website related to the topic and creating a link.

Ralph772 said...

Good Job! You should check your spelling because some of it is wrong. Good job puting alot of information though.You should try adding links and pictures to make the post more interesting. Good job.

Elaine772 said...

Nice job Taylor! You explained what we did yesterday but I think you should fix some of your grammar because it was kind of hard to understand and there are also a few spelling mistakes. But still a good job.

MaryJane772 said...

Nicely done Taylor! You had some spelling errors so maybe next time you can edit your scribe post before publishing it. You should also add some links, videos, or maybe even a picture so that it grabs attention. But you explained the stuff we did yesterday very well so good job!

argie772 said...

good job.
i liked how you used one colour,
and how you said "put answer here."
you could have put pictures and links.

Ronny 772 said...

Nice job, try finding some links and use spell check or look over it before you post it. It was good other then that.

razel772 said...

good job...i like how you used red and black color.

Jennifer72 said...

Nice Job taylor !
i liked how the font colours were red and black .
there was some spelling mistakes, but other than that , i think you did very well (:

carla772 said...

nice job taylor! but you should put pictures or videos or links in to make it more interesting. i did like the colors and you explained the things really well!

Telisa72 said...

you had a few spelling mistakes but other then that it was awsome and it explained alot if what we did

Zerlina 873 said...

Good job Taylor! You had a few spelling mistakes. I liked how you used examples. I also liked how you used abit of colour. You should add a picture. Your scribe is fantastic good job!

kevin772 said...

good job

Camille5 said...

hey awesome job taylor but some spelling mistakes but still good!

celdrickpetilla7-72 said...

Good job anayaways you spelt some words wrong and I think Mr isfeld will hurt you because you called him "abusive"

anyways good job

Jasmine772 said...

Goodjob and about the spelling mistakes .. yea xD

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