Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scribepost for January 14 2009

Today in Mr Isfeld's class we talked about how to add a link,images,videos and how to change a font.

First, in the title you put Scribepost for and you put the date today
Eg. Scribepost for January 14,2009

And in the Labels you put your name and your room number and put Scribepost

Eg.Celdrick772, Scribepost

Upload an image- first you must click on the square picture that says add image. Then you click Browse and you look for the image that you like. You can also pick where to move it and you can also change the size.

Adding a link- First you highlight the word that you like to be linked, then you must copy the website that you chose, then you paste it on the URL and you click OK. Then the word will change colour and that's when you'll know when the word has been linked. Then you can click it and then the website will pop up in a new window or a new tab.
Eg. Median is the middle number.

Adding a video- First you can pick a wesite where they have a video. For example Youtube or Photobucket. You look for the video that you like.Then you copy the Embed and some of them might not have any Embed. Then you click on the Edit Html and you go all the way down and paste it. Then click Preview and you will see the video that you added.

Changing the font- First highlight the word that you want then click on the arrow where it says some fonts. For example Georgia. Then click outside the box and you will see that the font changed.

Changing the colour- First highlight the word(s) that you want to change. Then go at the Letter "T" with the colours. Then you click the colour that you want and click outside the box. Then the colur will change.

I pick Karra next.


Telisa72 said...

I love it, the post is awsome and i think that its a big improvement from the unedited one,
great job

Mr. Isfeld said...

Thank you for making the changes. Both scribe posts you made are great.

Ralph772 said...

Your scribe post looks really awesome. It was a really big improvement. I liked how you added pictures, changed the colour of font, added video and made it look interesting. Very well done.

Binesi said...

Good job Celdrick, I liked how you gave an example for each definition. I found the colors to bright.

althea7-72 said...

Nice ! your scribe post is awesome.You explained how to add vedeos,image etc. really well. And next time try checking the spelling
because some of it is wrong. Anyways well done!

kenneth7-72 said...

Nice scribepost celdrick, I really like how you made those examples and adding the videos and the colours.

Carla772 said...

great job! it has very good examples for each of them. you explained very well for uploading pictures, putting links in, the font, videos etc. nice work!

melanie873 said...

Great job Celdrick! I liked the way that each paragraph has one colour. Also, I like the way you put examples (like the picture and the video). Although, I tried going to your link but then it says (Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage). But, great job again!

Zerlina 873 said...

Good job Celdrick! Your scribe was great. I liked how you showed a picture and a video it was great, I'm glad you remembered how to do those things. I also liked how you changed the colour for the paragraphs it made it more clear.

MaryJane772 said...

Awesome Job !
It was nice to see all the changes you made to your post. I like how you added some colors, pictures, etc. Great Job !

Camille5 said...

great job this is better..

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