Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scribe post january 28 2009

Today's class we worked on number of the day, 1269.584

Then Ordering Fractions Strategies.

1. Using landmarks, landmarks are things everybody should know.

eg. Let's meet at polo park.

I live near the forks.

bold words are landmarks

Fraction landmarks include:
1/10, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/1

Practice: which is larger 11/15 or 7/10

Using our second strategy finding common denominators we see that 11/15 equals 22/30 and 7/10 equals 21/30. There for 11/15 is greater.

Third startegy is converting to decimals. Decimals are always over or out of one. So we follow the same steps as equivalent fractions only this time our equivalent fraction must be over 1.

For example: 3/5 converts to 0.6/1. We must divide 5 by 5 to have a denominator of 1. Therefor we must also divide the numerator by 5. So we get 3 divided by 5 equals 0.6

Things to remember a fraction is a part of a whole.

The line seperating the numerator and denominator means divided by.

I choose Jazzy as the next sribepost!


razel772 said...

good job...i think that is all the notes that we copy!

Carla772 said...

great job.
you explained everything nicely.

Camille5 said...

great job!.. i think those were exactly on our notes awesome!

Ronny 772 said...

posted by Mr. Isfeld at 10:09 AM on 28-Jan-2009


Err....... great job..... Robert?

Those are the exact notes we took down today. You only used one colour but highlighted the important words.

You could have included a photo and/or even a video.

posted by Mr. Isfeld at 10:09 AM on 28-Jan-2009

Anonymous said...

Good Job, you should have put some links or pictures to makeit more interesting.

Ralph772 said...

Good Job. I like how you put all the notes. I liked how you highlighted the important words. Maybe next time you should put pictures and videos. Good Job

althea7-72 said...

good job!
you explained everything good...
i agree with binesi and ralph that you should put links or pictures...
anyways you did a really good job!

Telisa72 said...

good jod you expalined everything that we wrote down.

MaryJane772 said...

Nice job !
You did a great job on putting down the exact notes we took today. Good job on using colours as well. Maybe next time you can add a link, picture, or video so that grabs attention.

Alex 7-72 said...

Good job! Nice job on putting down all the notes. But I thought you could have put some pictures and videos on it. Good job

Elaine772 said...

Great Job! I liked how you put down all the notes and how you made some of the words stick out. Next time maybe you should put a link, picture, or a video.

kevin772 said...

good job

Jasmine772 said...

Goodjob . it was really helpful I thought .

Zerlina 873 said...

Good job Robert! I like how you used examples. I think you should add a picture and some colour so it looks attractive. It was kind of boring when I read your scribe because there was hardly any colour in it. Good job again.

argie772 said...

good job.
it was very informing
and it helped me
to study.

celdrickpetilla7-72 said...

good job...... but you could have added a pic or a video...anyways food job....

celdrickpetilla7-72 said...

*good* :)

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